Midwest Septic System Design

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Septic systems are "holding tanks" placed underground outside your Midwest area home, where your waste sewage is broken down by bacteria. It pays to take care of your septic tank.

When maintained improperly, the necessary bacteria in the system can be destroyed, causing the biological machine to shut down. Then, sludge builds up and is pushed into the drainfield, where it clogs up the septic system. Before you know it, you have a sewage backup and a major headache.

The Importance of Septic Inspections

The purpose of a septic inspection is to evaluate the present and future performance of an existing onsite sewage treatment system. It is likely that an inspection cannot show the true present condition of all parts of the system.

The inspection certificate might state that the onsite sewage treatment system has been inspected and found to be in satisfactory working condition and apparently not in violation of any local sanitary codes.

The definition of satisfactory working condition must be clearly defined and understood by all concerned parties. The provisions of the local sanitary code must be thoroughly known by the inspector. The toilets may flush, all the drains may work with no back up, but the inside-the-house conditions say little about the condition of the onsite sewage treatment system.

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