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Are You Looking For A Whole-House Repiping and Repipe Specialist In Kansas City?

Water pipes kansas city

Are you concerned about replacing the hot water or cold water pipes in your Kansas City home? Our whole house repiping specialist at MidWest Plumbing has the proper equipment to replace the waterlines in your home. Our master plumber can provide you with an evaluation and give you the advice you need.

Throughout the local area, whole house repiping saves homeowners from unexpected leaks that cause water damage. Old or damaged plumbing can cause water damage as well as mold and mildew, which are expensive to repair.

In some cases, a home may only need drain cleaning or a repipe of a small section to solve problems. For an accurate solution that works, you'll need to have a plumber inspect the issues you're having.

If you have a decrease in water pressure or notice mold or mildew, these are reasonable indications that your plumbing is leaking. Let our specialist assess the condition of your plumbing lines and recommend the best way to ensure your water pipes are replaced or repaired according to what you need.

Reasons For Repiping A Home

  • Leaky Pipes — Water leaks often happen because of pipe corrosion. Galvanized iron water supply pipes can wear away gradually, rust, and corrode due to corrosive sediments in hard water.
  • Low Water Pressure — Not getting enough water pressure from your faucet or shower is usually caused by pipe narrowing. As the water pressure gradually drops, it's because the sediments continue to buildup and coat the inside lining of the waterlines.
  • Rust Colored Water — Rusty or orange water usually indicates an advanced stage of corrosion and rust inside the water supply lines.
  • Galvanized Iron Water Pipes — Most pre-1970 homes need repiping because of galvanized water pipes. These pipes have a zinc coating that gradually wears away. The unprotected iron rusts the pipes out more quickly.

Contact Our Repipe Specialist In Kansas City For An Evaluation

There are other reasons why a Kansas City area home may need repiping. If you see any signs of the following or aren't sure and want a second opinion about whole-house repiping, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Low water pressure
  • Rust-colored or yellow water
  • Water temperature fluctuates when someone uses the washing machine or flushes the toilet
  • Multiple leaky pipes
  • Slab leaks
  • If you have polybutylene plumbing
  • If you have old copper or galvanized piping

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If you need Whole-House Repiping or a Repipe Specialist in the Kansas City area, call us today at 913-369-8600 or schedule a service quote online using our online form.