Reasons You May Need Repiping In The Midwest, MO Area

July 1, 2016 at 5:03 pm | Category: Repiping


If you are wondering what types of plumbing pipe problems constitute repiping in the Midwest, MO area, the professionals at MidWest Plumbing have some information for you. We love to help our customers learn all about plumbing so they can be educated about this important feature of their home. Not every plumbing issue requires repiping. Sometimes the issue could be a water heater that can be repaired or replaced, or a clog that can be removed without replacing the plumbing lines. The following are indications that could mean you need repiping.

Old Midwest Pipes Needing Replacement

There comes a time when all pipes will need replacement. Your plumbing system isn’t just made of PVC or similar piping. And at many junctions, the materials can change from one to another depending on the age of your house. For instance, you could find plastic sewer pipe, cast-iron, or clay. Plastic, or PVC types are newer. Rarely, would you find clay or cast-iron pipes at a new home. Older pipes are a continual headache when they start deteriorating. Repiping solves these issues.

Here are some plumbing issues to watch for that may mean you need Midwest repiping:

– Rust on Laundry
– Continuing Leaks or Breaks
– Cloudy, Colored or Bad Smelling Water
– Corroded Plumbing Under Sinks
– Slab Leaks
– Old Pipes
– Copper or Galvanized Pipes

Old Lead or Polybutylene Needs Repiping

If you have lead or polybutylene pipes, they need to be replaced. Lead pipes leach lead into your home’s water supply. This is a toxic substance when consumed, especially for children 6 years and younger. Lead poisoning can cause delay in mental development or physical development per the EPA.* Polybutylene Piping was used during the 1970s through 1990s. They are not quality made and experience breakage and leaking often. Repiping your Midwest home will solve all the plumbing issues that this old material type causes.

Discolored Water Could Mean Midwest Repiping

Depending on what the cause of the discoloration is, you may need repiping if your water is brown or yellow. The problem could be a water heater tank that is rusty or pipe rusting. You could also have a problem with backflow where the fresh water is being contaminated with sewer water.

Leaking Pipes Probably Need Repiping

Whena small section of pipe is leaking, replacing the leaking sections is the only way to solve the issue. Trenchless repiping is highly useful for large sections of pipe that need to be replaced while digging and replacing is best for small sections (unless it is under the foundation). Your professional Midwest plumber should give you the best advice on which method is right. Reputable companies can use video camera inspections to pinpoint leak locations.

Pipe Inspections Are Important

If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your Midwest plumbing system, it’s important to have a pipe inspection done by a professional. Pipe inspections can tell you everything that is wrong with your plumbing, detailing the problems that need to be handled. They can also identify exactly what type of pipes you have. Your pipe inspection professional will make recommendations on what’s needed in repairs or possible repiping.


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